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Beach Getaway - 1 Day

Sandcastle building at Miscou Beach on Miscou Island, new Brunswick, Canada.

Escape the city and kick back on the largest fresh water beach in the world, Wasaga beach.  Get a ride out of the city and into Ontario’s cottage country.  Spend the day soaking up the sun, enjoying the crystal blue water and sandy beach. There are many shops, restaurants and activities to be had in Wasaga Beach.  



  • Transfer From Toronto to Wasaga Beach 
  • Transfer From Wasaga Beach to Toronto 

Non Included: 

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 
  • Snacks and Souvenirs 
  • Swim Wear 

Day 1
1 Day getaway at Wasaga Beach

9am-11am - Pick up in Toronto and transfer to Wasaga Beach

11am-5pm – Leisure time to enjoy the Beach and township of Wasaga

5pm-7pm – Transfer back to Toronto