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Travel Tips

Some helpful tips about our great country

  • WEATHER: Canada has 4 seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall. We are known for our dramatic changes in weather, we have it all from snowy and cold to sunny and hot. Make sure to check the weather and pack accordingly before your visit to Canada
  • VISA: Before you even begin traveling in Canada, you need to successfully enter the country. Many nationalities need an eTa, Electronic Travel Authorization to gain entry into Canada. It’s inexpensive and must be purchased online prior to your arrival in the country.
  • INSURANCE: No matter your country of origin, travel insurance is always imperative. Most insurance companies have an extra policy you can select if skiing and snowboarding are on the travel agenda. These fun, yet somewhat risky, winter activities are two very important reasons why you should purchase travel insurance before visiting Canada.
  • WILDLIFE: Grizzly and black bears are found in Canadian parks in the summertime and can be potentially dangerous. When visiting National parks always ensure no food products are visible to bears. Dispose of garbage, use airtight containers for storage, and cook away from campsites. Get knowledgeable on bear safety too. If visiting Churchill and its polar bears, be extra vigilant as polar bears are the only animals to actively stalk humans.
  • EMERGENCIES: It’s always important to know the phone number for emergencies in every country you visit. In Canada, it’s 911. For non-emergencies, visitors can call 311 in some areas, such as Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Halifax, and Winnipeg.
  • DRIVING: Canada is a huge country and renting a car to explore at your free will is one of the best ways to visit. If you are a visitor in Ontario and wish to drive, you can do so for up to 90 days with a valid drivers licence from your own country, state or province. You will also need: To be at least 16 years old and have proper insurance coverage for the vehicle you will be driving. Across Canada, there are Wildlife Warning Signs reminding drivers to be cautious while driving. The country also has a Wildlife collision prevention program, which provides helpful hints to avoid hitting wildlife and what to do if striking an animal is inevitable. Reading up on safety tips could save your life. In the Rockies, there are unique animal overpasses to avoid such accidents.
  • CASH: Canada is a vast country with many rural towns, islands, and campgrounds. It’s always worthwhile carrying some spare cash when traveling around the country, as you never know where the next ATM may be. However, in the bigger cities, it isn’t necessary as ATMs are prevalent.
  • TIPPING: It might not save your life, but it’s important to know that tipping is expected in the hospitality, tourism, and services industries. The standard amount is between 15–20%. At most places, they bring an Eftpos machine to you, where you can easily select a dollar or percentage tip when paying with a card.
  • SWIMMING: Canada has the world’s longest coastline so there’s a lot of places to swim in summer. It’s also home to many freshwater lakes. But remember to not enter the water unless you’re a confident swimmer. Be aware of the ocean’s strong currents, and don’t dive off head first into any of Canada’s rocky oceanside cliffs. Adult supervision of young swimmers is also paramount.
  • CRIME: Petty crime is, unfortunately, found in most large cities around the world. Many thieves target tourist attractions and hotels, as they believe vacationers are easy targets. Handy tips include leaving your passport in the hotel safe and carrying a photocopy with you. It’s also helpful to try and keep luggage out of sight in cars and not to leave any valuables behind, even in a locked vehicle.


  1. Canada has more surface area covered by lakes than any other country in the world
  2. Canada has the world’s longest coastline
  3. Canada has six time zones
  4. Dress and prepare for the weather conditions! Canada is known for some intense weather depending on the season
  5. Canada is home to some of the world’s most beautiful national parks. Be sure to check them out while visiting and be mindful of the wildlife, grizzly black bears are sometimes found during the summer season 
  6. When visiting Quebec remember, the bicycle remains the most popular form of transport during warm months. Visitors will be amazed by a huge amount of special bicycle lanes in the city
  7. The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19+
  8. 80 percent of the world’s maple syrup is produced in Canada
  9. Yonge Street in Toronto is the longest street in the world at 1896 Km
  10. The North American Beaver is the national animal of Canada